cloud comfort pet services

Cloud comfort mobile service is when we come directly to your home to help provide comfort to your pet during times of stress. This is a simple process. I use the Purple Dreams Magic Potion treatment. In fact, treatment includes brushing and massaging the coat. Additionally, this product helps calm on contact, detangles, and hydrates the skin. In addition to, soothing your pet, it creates a natural high and helps pets to chill and relax. In addition to this service, I will bring healing crystals to help stabilize your pet’s energy field. I will meditate to learn where there can be potential illness or other issues. This is a 24 hour service and we hope to help provide relief to your pet. If you feel you have an emergency, please contact the nearest animal hospital.

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Type of pets: Cats, dogs, birds, and small animals

This service is great for animals with

  1. High Anxiety
  2. Seizures
  3. Allergies
  4. Joint pain

Time Duration 30 minutes

Cost: TBA