Nano CBD

Nano CBD Hot Paws and Claws Treatment is a mobile service where I come to your home and help treat hot paws.

*Please note, that this service is only available to non-aggressive pets.

However, I will walk you through step by step how to help your pet! 

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Hot paws occur when there is some type of allergy, injury, or sunburn that impacts the paw, hoof, or claw. The best way to treat deeply wounded paws is with Cloud Dreams Wound Care which will instantly soothe the hot pad and work to repair it from the inside out. It will also regrow any missing coat or skin. Greasy formulas only add to the itchiness and discomfort. Let me help your pet today!

With the treatment, during the treatment, I will apply Purple Dreams all over your pet’s skin to add further comfort. This is a best-selling topical that is used by groomers and other pet care professionals.

Add sock around paw. (In memory of Taos).  Give your pet Purple Dreams Magic Potion 29.