Equine Healing Waters Calming Potion All – N-1


Organic skincare topical for horses and large animals that help reduce pain from fly infestations and other external rashes.


16.9oz Healing Waters Calming Potion: A Revitalizing Elixir for Equine & Large Animals

Unveil the secret to radiant, healthy, and calm large animals with the Healing Waters Calming Potion. Specifically formulated in a generous 16.9oz packaging, this potion is a game-changer for equine care and suitable for all large animals, ensuring their well-being from coat to core.

Key Features:

  • Insect Deterrence: Keep insects and flies at bay with our specially crafted formula that provides lasting protection.
  • Long-Lasting Density: A dense, long-lasting product ensures that a little goes a long way in providing care to your animals.
  • Soothing Relief: Experience instant relief from insect bites and skin infestations, bringing comfort to your cherished animals.
  • Coat Transformation: Witness a noticeable transformation in the coat from the very first application, promoting a healthy and shiny appearance.
  • Coat Regrowth: Our potion not only enhances but regrows missing sections of the coat, ensuring complete coverage and health.
  • Calming Effect: Specifically formulated to calm and relax your equine and large animals, making it ideal for everyday use and especially beneficial for rescue animals.
  • Detangling Magic: Say goodbye to tangled manes and matted coats with our formula that smoothens and detangles effortlessly.
  • Safe for All: Mindfully created, this potion is safe for all large animals, providing universal care.

Why Choose Healing Waters Calming Potion?

Healing Waters is a promise of nature’s finest care, ensuring that your large animals, from rescues to thoroughbreds, receive the nurturing and peace they deserve.

Base Ingredients: Proprietary blend (patent-pending), prickly pear cactus, seaweed, aloe vera, cocoa butter, nettle, rosemary, dried lemon, lavender, citronella, and shea butter.


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