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Organic Eye Drops for Pets: Clear Vision, Happy Companions

Presenting our Organic Eye Drops, meticulously crafted in a 1oz formulation for your pets. Packed elegantly inside a clear gift box and accompanied by a handy 2oz dropper bottle, this product is a thoughtful and practical gift for every pet parent.

Key Benefits:

  • Soothing Relief for Itchy Eyes: Our organic formula provides instant relief to your pets, reducing itchiness and ensuring comfort in every blink.
  • Clean & Clear: Bid farewell to unsightly eye buggies. Our drops work efficiently to clean and refresh your pet’s eyes.
  • Tear Stain Terminator: The gentle yet effective solution effortlessly cleans tear stains, restoring the natural beauty of your pet’s eyes.
  • Leaky Eyes No More: Regular use of our Organic Eye Drops may help in alleviating and potentially eliminating leaky eyes, keeping your pet in perfect health.

A Clear Gift of Care

Encased in a clear gift box, our Organic Eye Drops are a thoughtful gesture for pet owners who prioritize health and cleanliness. The included 2oz dropper bottle ensures easy application for a hassle-free experience.

Ingredients: Ingredients: red dates, seaweed, and aloe vera.

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1oz, 6 Case


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