Smooth and Silky Cream Paw, Nose, and Hoof Butter


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Smooth and Silky Cream for paws, noses, and hoofs! It’s a nourishing solution for cracked noses, dry paw pads, and hooves. Packed with fresh plants, herbs, and organic butter, our cream provides long-lasting moisture and repairs dry, cracked skin. In fact, it soothes sunburns and offers immediate relief. Perfect for moisturizing paws and hooves, leaving them soft and silky. Try our cream today to care for your furry friends!

In addition, our smooth and silky cream contains nothing but natural ingredients. Moreover, you can’t find any other products like this.


Rub a small amount of paw, nose, and hoof butter on the affected areas


 Ingredients: Proprietary blend, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, rosemary, hemp oil, and cinnamon.





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