Soo Soo Soothing Hydrator for Cat


Base Ingredients: Proprietary blend (patent-pending), prickly pear cactus, seaweed, aloe vera, cocoa butter, nettle, rosemary, dried lemon, lavender, citronella, and shea butter.


2oz Soo Soo Soothing Hydrator for Cats: A Purr-fectly Calming Experience

Introducing the 2oz Soo Soo Soothing Hydrator for Cats, an exquisite non-concentrate formula designed to pamper and soothe your feline friends. Packaged in a convenient 2oz dropper bottle and encased in a clear gift box, this hydrator is the perfect blend of care and luxury for your cat’s coat.

Key Features:

  • Instant Relief: Our hydrator provides immediate relief to irritated skin and hot spots, ensuring your kitty feels comfortable and content.
  • Soothing on Contact: Experience the magic as our formula soothes on contact, calming your cat after a delightful brushing session.
  • Coat Regrowth: The hydrator aids in regrowing your cat’s coat, making it look lush and healthy.
  • Detangling Miracle: Say goodbye to matted coats as our hydrator effortlessly detangles, making grooming sessions a breeze.
  • Beautifying Formula: Our hydrator not only keeps the coat clean but also adds a touch of beauty, leaving your cat’s fur looking pristine and lustrous.
  • Calming Experience: Crafted to calm and relax your kitty, our hydrator turns grooming sessions into a soothing spa experience.

Why Choose the 2oz Soo Soo Soothing Hydrator?

The Soo Soo Soothing Hydrator is the epitome of luxury and care, ensuring that your cat not only looks good but also feels great.


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